UPDATE – Houston OCE Drainage & Detention Requirements

C3 Building Solution News   •   March 19, 2021

The Houston Public Works has listened to your feedback and revised the threshold for storm detention for single-family residential lots to 15,000 square feet. The IDM supplement and frequently asked questions guideline have been updated to reflect this change. Please find the updated information:.


Ch9 storm detention faqs_final_20210312.pdf

Original article update from 1/21/2021


NOTE: All projects requiring public plans, will be required to have their public plans submitted to OCE by March 31, 2021. Once public plans have been submitted, private plans can note the project number upon submission and be grandfathered in to the current requirements. Submitting the private plans and not the public plans by March 31st will NOT grandfather your project. Public plans MUST be submitted on or before the deadline regardless of the private/structural submission date.

All private plans that DO NOT require public plan submission must have their projects submitted by March 31st.

This is great news for our construction community! We truly appreciate the fact that COH is willing to listen!!

Please contact US if you have any questions or concerns.