How Do You Get Houston Building Permits?

C3 Information Announcement   •   December 15, 2020

Houston building permits process - from application to permit

Acquiring Houston Building Permits for all types of projects including commercial building permit projects, residential building permit projects, or swimming pool building permits, requires getting your building plans, including architectural drawings, supporting documents and Engineering plans together into a packaged unit with the city’s appropriate (commercial, residential, etc) application. This packaged permit application, is then submitted to the city of Houston.

Depending on the outcome of the Permit Applications Review process. You will either get an approved building permit or get rejection comments which will require address. Often, for a myriad of valid reasons, Houston building permits application submissions get rejected. The results should then be reviewed and addressed for resubmit. In nut shell, C3 Building Solutions is a permit project management system that leverages pre permitting review to catch errors early as well as following up consistently, collaborating with our clients and the city of Houston, to guide the permit project through the review process until the permit is in or clients hands,

Our goal is simple, to expedite Houston Building permitting.

To put it plainly we aim to expedite Houston Building permitting. We leverage our combined team experience, including ICC certified permitting professionals and residential and commercial building permit technicians with our project management system to communicate effectively and manage building permit projects.

  • Large Format Printing

  • Building Plan Preparation

  • ICC Certified Review

Additional services offered to complement Building permits in Houston

To complement and enrich our Houston building permit service. We offer additional services such as building plan preparation. Preparing building plan permit applications is second nature to us. We often notice missing documents or other requirements before the initial submit. This can save valuable time and move projects forward swiftly.

Printing Large format building permit plans such as architectural C, D, or E sized documents helps us to rapidly submit plans in a variety of ways. Further If we require scanning of large format we utilize a fast CONTEX document feeder scanner with NextImage software to rapidly output application ready files.

ICC certified eyes on your plans should further enhance your confidence that you brought your Houston building permit project management to the right place. Call C3 Building Solutions Today to Expedite you Houston Building Permit Today! 713-369-0925