Starting a Houston Commercial Building Permit Application

C3 News   •   June 26, 2018

Houston Commercial Building Permit

One of the first requirements when engaging in a large scale building project will be to secure your Houston commercial building permit.  One of your project goals will be to stay on time and on target. C3 Building Solutions is your best source for support for project support and expediting.

Once you are done gathering documentation and completing your commercial building pre-requisite list from the city of Houston, C3 will assist you throughout the entire permitting process. Get the Houston Commercial Building Checklist Here>> (Opens in new Tab)

Depending on your location or level of service you require C3 can for example handle the printing of all of your architectural drawings (Black and White and Color), as well any smaller plans and application papers. We assemble printed documents in the expected order and format, then take the building permit packet to the city and submit your commercial building permit application to the city.   We also handle EPR or Electronic Plan Review building permits for many of our clients at the city of Houston. Also you may be interested in viewing the houston commercial permitting presentation (Opens in new Tab).

What happens to my Commercial Building permit Application after it is Submitted to the City of Houston

Once your permit application is submitted to the city of Houston it will go through multiple departments for review. Each department will either approve or reject your proposed plans for building.

As your Houston Permit Expediter, we monitor your plans at the city and engage in any necessary requirements to move them through the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.    We handle all department submissions including, Flood, Structural and more.  We have an appreciation for the both your building project and the city code enforcement purposes.   On a side note check out this informative article on Houstons flooding history.

What happens if my Commercial Building Permit Applications Gets Rejected?

If your plans are rejected in any department we review the comments and either address them if we can without your assistance or convey the city requirements.  If required, we pick the plans up from the city and address any of the city’s requirements  (with your support and permission) . We work with your Project Managers, Architects or Engineers to get all city requirements or comments handled.  This includes adding new pages and assembling the plans to resubmit them to the city .

  • Printing of Your MEP’s

  • Building Permit Application Submission
  • Building Permit Purchase and Delivery

What happens if my Commercial Building Permit Application is Approved?

Once your Houston commercial building permit application has been approved by all of the appropriate departments we purchase and deliver your permit to you.