Is the city of Houston processing building permits during Covid19?

Yes,  although it seems to be a much slower process.   C3 Building Solutions is very active managing building permit projects and will continue to do so for the Houston Permitting Center and all municipalities that are offering alternative solutions.  We manage physical and any electronic permit processing

What other municipalities around Houston are processing permits?

Many. We are and have been processing permits for Piney Point, Bunker Hill,  Sugarland, Lake Jackson, The Woodlands,  Bay City, City of Katy, Baytown, Rosenberg, Laporte, League City and more!

How does Coronavirus affect building?

While many contractors and others in the building industry have been affected by Coronavirus / Covid 19, The industry is moving forward   For example most people that get coronavirus  97-99.5% recover.  If someone gets coronavirus depending on their health, they may be out for a week or so and return to work wearing a mask depending on their work environment.    On a side note.  We are seeing quite a few new pool and residential permits applications.