Swimming pool permits in Houston

C3 Building   •   June 2, 2018

swimming pool permit houston

There are many people in the market for a swimming pools in Houston, Texas and the surrounding vicinities.   Many pool builders save valuable time and heartache by leveraging a building permit runner / expediter.   We take swimming pool permit applications to the city of Houston every week.  Hence, we can submit them or walk them through all of the departments that may be required for your pool permit.

How do I know what departments my building permit requires?

A building permit may require going through the flood department if your property is within the 100 year flood plain.   You can check in Houston Harris county here>> at the Harris County Flood Mapping tool.

Other departments include Storm and Health.  Plan reviewers or inspectors may reject illegible documents.  As a result always use quality legible documents and surveys.     Rejected plans take more time / money to run back through the system.  Like many city and government offices there are lines and wait times to consider.

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Give us a call at 713-369-0925. We can help you run your building permit application through the city of Houston permitting office.   We also run building permit applications through other municipalities.   Cities include Lake Jackson, City of Fulshear, Missouri City, Harris County, Bellaire, and MANY more.