Permit Tips

C3 Building Solutions   •   February, 2021

Plans and History

Knowing the history of your property (or lease space) will save you from costly surprises during the inspection phase of your construction project. If your property has inactive permits that were never closed out, it can take hours of your time to resolve these issues; not to mention a significant delay in your project. Being aware of the history helps avoid unnecessary headaches and costly time setbacks.

Plans & Documents

Our permit experts are aware of the numerous plans and documents required to ensure a smooth permitting process. We thoroughly review your project to ensure you have ALL the required drawings and documents signed and completed, before being sent to the municipality. Every project, every scope of work has different needs; being aware of these saves time in the long run. When your project is in our hands, you can rest assured that when it has hit the desk of a reviewer, it will not be turned away because of a missing signed document or essential drawing. We got you covered.


One of the most common rookie mistakes is believing that you can simply fill out an application and receive your permit. The truth is, it just isn’t that simple. First, you submit your application; then you must then submit your building plans and supporting documents. These all are to be reviewed for Code and City Ordinance compliance. These review times vary based on the municipality. Typically, a “comment review” turn around time about 15 business days (in the city of Houston). Using our services, time can be saved by avoiding costly mistakes.