Do I require a Certificate of Occupancy Permit in the City of Houston?

C3 Articles   •   July 24, 2018

Houston Certificate of Occupancy

Did you know … Business owners must obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) in the city of Houston, in order to apply for state licenses such as liquor sales, auto dealers, barber shops and hairdressers? A CO is also required by most financial institutions for business/commercial loans.

If you require a city of Houston occupancy permit, consider utilizing a service with experience in navigating and obtaining Occupancy Permits at the city of Houston. C3 Building Solutions can be your advocate and handle your certificate of occupancy permit at the city of Houston. One of the major benefits we find that our clients enjoy by having our service handle their Houston certificate of Occupancy is that they can focus their energies toward higher priorities. We frequent the city of Houston and our agents can be available to handle any issues that might arise regarding the handling of your certificate of occupancy permit at the city of Houston.

Your reasons for obtaining an occupancy permit might include that you require:  A new Occupancy Permit (New Building), Name Change (Taking over a new space), Or You may require a Change of Occupancy. The different types of Occupancy permits have unique requirements. Depending on your particular requirements and service level we will work with you to achieve your permitting goals.  Call C3 Building Solutions to Get Your Certificate of Occupancy Permit in Houston quote Today! 713-365-0925.  We manage the entire process until your occupancy permit is in your hand.

How should I apply for my Certificate of Occupancy in Houston, Texas?

The space of business must already have power and be set up for business prior to applying for a CO.  You will need the following to apply:

  • A Completed Application

  • Total square footage of the space of business

  • If a tenant, a copy of the lease agreement

  • If you have multiple buildings, a site map listing all building addresses or building numbers

  • Payment for city permit fees

All commercial properties in the city of Houston are required to obtain and display a certificate of occupancy. Compliance inspections are designed to prevent a building deterioration to an extent that it could expose its tenants to risk their health and lives. It is an inexpensive way to insure building safety. (date obtained from the COH )

C3 Building Solutions will handle your certificate of occupancy in Houston  by running the permit application through the city departments for you.

Where do I place a Certificate of Occupancy once I obtain it?

An original Certificate of Occupancy (CO) must be posted in a clearly visible place on the premises.   It does not need to be visible to customers.  If  your CO has been lost, you may apply for a duplicate of the original Certificate of Occupancy without Re-applying.

When should I re-apply for an Occupancy Permit in Houston?

A CO is for the building/lease space and remains valid as long as the same type of business occurs at the location.  The CO is void and re-application is necessary if:

The type of business being operated and/ or the degree of hazard involved changes.

Your business relocates to another address in the city of Houston.